Now, overall, Captain America: Civil War was an absolute abortion of a movie. However, this rant focuses only on one of it's many flaws. That is, Wakanda.

In an earlier part of the movie, Wakanda is shown to be in the general area where Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia congregate. This would make their culture, language and genetic makeup mostly Nilotic, with some small influences from Bantu and Kushitic cultures. However, king T'challa was played by Chadwick Boseman, who, don't get me wrong, was a great actor, and his character was one of the few redeeming qualities of the movie, but, he is of African American heritage. African-Americans are descended almost entirely from Bantu populations, along with heavy Northern European mixing depending. To make matters worse, T'challa and T'chaka were shown speaking to eachother in Xosa, a Bantu language from South Africa, that has heavy Khoi-San phonological influence. That would be the geographical and cultural equivalent of Marvel creating a fictional nation in Northwestern Kazakhstan that speaks Maltese and has a population portrayed by Irish actors. Wrap your head around that.